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Scroll down to meet the team dedicated to your success. Our mission? Cut your costs, ensure stability with fixed pricing, and provide personalized support that goes beyond transactions.

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Meet our team

Our mission is to cultivate life-long relationships with our customers, employees, and partners by delivering extraordinary service and value everyday. The growth of your business is our purpose.

Noa Lager

Meet Noa, our payments maestro with a journey that reads like a payment-processing odyssey. From field agent to national manager across various processors, he's had a love affair with payment processing that culminated in finding his calling in the short-term rental universe. A true aficionado of client care, if you haven't experienced his dedication yet, you're missing out—simple as that. As the company's owner, Noa's commitment guarantees that our team not only goes the extra mile with you but adds an extra mile just for you.

Payments Consultant
Braden Murphy

Meet Braden, a driven professional with a business development degree and a keen eye for emerging trends in payment processing. With a background in sales and analytical thinking, Braden is committed to streamlining financial transactions and enhancing user experiences. Hailing from Central Texas, he brings values of resilience and authenticity from his close-knit community. Braden's journey reflects his dedication to personal and professional growth, ready to contribute his local wisdom and strong work ethic to new opportunities in the rapidly changing industry.

Sales Manager
Alvaro Shaib

Meet Alvaro Shaib, our dynamic Sales Manager from Mexico City, driving Clearview MC with passion and innovation. With a diverse background revolutionizing customer service, Alvaro stands out for his exceptional knowledge in the payments industry and valuable experience in government service. His unique perspective and dedication make him an invaluable leader, contributing to the continued success of our organization.

Payments Consultant
Christian Parrilla

Christian is a results-oriented sales professional with a robust background in coaching teams on effective cold calling, email outreach, and prospecting strategies. His passion for management and organization, combined with years of experience, has positioned him as a leader in sales. Dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their full potential, Christian excels in sales leadership roles. His role as a payments consultant at Clearview is highly relevant due to his expertise in driving growth through tailored solutions. Christian's relentless pursuit of excellence ensures optimal outcomes for Clearview's clients, as he leverages his skills to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities within the industry, ultimately contributing to the success and satisfaction of Clearview's merchants.

Account Executive
Jacob Heifort

Let me introduce you to Jacob—a true enthusiast of the short-term rental world, living and breathing it alongside his wife. Together, they've woven their lives into several charming STRs, offering not just spaces but experiences through their design and management services. Jacob's journey through sales, business development, and communication has paved a path of expertise, perfectly aligned with his passion for this vibrant industry.

Chief Communications Officer
Joclyn Lager

Joclyn is our Chief Communications Officer at Clearview, bringing over 15 years of invaluable experience in merchant services to the table. She’s passionate about fostering meaningful connections and driving engagement. With a keen understanding of the nuances of merchant services, she’s dedicated to communicating our company's vision, values, and innovations to our clientele with clarity and impact.

Senior Advisor
Seth Christian

Introducing Seth Christian, a luminary in the hospitality industry, whose impact has likely touched your travel experiences over the past 25 years! Seth's innovative prowess has shaped the industry, from spearheading large multi-unit property management companies to directing technology-driven hospitality services. He's a trailblazer who pioneered several firsts in the short-term rental sphere, introducing groundbreaking concepts like the first SAAS model for multi-property management and utilizing enterprise business intelligence to expand customer reservations.

Admin Assistant
Venice May Plaza

Meet Venice, our Administrative Assistant, a board-certified Geodetic Engineer, holds a Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering. enice excels in remote project management, overseeing tasks from client coordination and scheduling to email correspondence and recruitment. Her versatile background, ranging from geodetic engineering to responsible mining research, showcases a unique blend of traditional expertise and modern digital proficiency.

Marketing Manager
Richard Biticon

Meet Richard, our seasoned digital marketing expert with 8 years of experience. Skilled in crafting compelling content, executing strategic campaigns, and driving measurable results, Richard excels at delivering our value in bite-sized packages to clients. Richard is dedicated to delivering tangible results and creating lasting connections with customers, enriching the experiences of both our clients and their audience.

Head of Sales
Will Darden

Introducing Will, dedicated to helping hospitality companies optimize their business performance and customer satisfaction with over 10 years of sales leadership experience. He believes that sales is not only about closing deals, but also about building relationships, solving problems, and creating value. Will has been in the STR/Hospitality space for the last 7 years, with broad experience at a variety of vendors and property managers.

Standard pricing

Mission & Vision

Expert Underwriting for Seamless Operations

Our underwriters specialize in the STR industry, proactively setting precise parameters to avoid disruptions in your day-to-day activities. This expertise ensures a smooth operational flow, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the intricate details of payment processing.

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Pioneering Change in STR Payments

ClearView isn't just adapting; we're challenging and reshaping the STR payment space. Our commitment is to lead by transforming norms and staying ahead of industry changes, ensuring we provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to the evolving needs of our clients.

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Personalized Support Every Step of the Way

Enjoy the personalized touch with dedicated Personal Account Representatives who deeply understand your business. Clear communication is at the forefront, be it through text, email, or a call. Our in-house chargeback support ensures that whenever you need assistance, we're right there beside you.

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Consultative Guidance Through Every Process

Take advantage of our consultative approach, guiding you through understanding complex statements, integration processes, and beyond. We're dedicated to sticking with you through every phase, ensuring clarity and confidence in our services.

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What our customers say

I joined in January 2022 and I am very happy I did. The team was fantastic and the transition was seamless. Support is also top notch! - Scott Holland

The team at Clearview is phenomenal and the dedicated support staff is second to none. The integration and switch over was seamless, and we couldn’t be happier with the decision we made! - Ben Kuhn

We have been with Clearview for years, reversing all our processing fees. Since we started with Clearview, our net income has increased significantly. Rarely do we ever get any customer objections.  - John Toombs

We have been with Clearview for almost a year, and we are very satisfied with the services we have received. Since we switched over, our chargeback situation has improved and we are paying less in fees every month. - Angela Foulks

If you're tired of paying credit card fees, our Reverse My Fees model offers a compelling solution that may be ideal for your business.

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If you're tired of paying credit card fees, our Reverse My Fees model offers a compelling solution that may be ideal for your business.

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